All too often it seems to me that web sites are designed for the benefit of the web site implementors, rather than the users of the site. This seems to be especially true for internal web sites.

To give one little example, what do you think a page with the link "Employee Self Service - ESS" would be? Go ahead, guess! It's actually a link to the page where employees fill out their weekly time sheets. That's not what you guessed, is it? Call me crazy, but how about titling that link something like "Time Sheets" ?

Here is what I think a corporate web site should look like. It's very generic, for the very good reason that all companys, at a high level, have the same issues. The goals in this design are:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Cheap to implement
  3. Cheap to maintain

Please click on the link below to vist XYZ corporations internal web site!

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